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 Sarah taught me to love the way I look, and be comfortable in front of the camera. She is an incredible artist and an amazing person to work with. I wish I could have the experience many times over, thank you Sarah for showing me who I can be when I'm not self conscious! ❤️ - Phoebe

"Working with Sarah Lane Studios and the Studio Twelve Senior Model Team was an amazing experience. Though there were many senior portrait photographers in my area (Santa Rosa), I chose Sarah because of her inspiring work ethic. She's all about empowering young individuals who truly want to make a difference in not only their community, but with themselves, and that's something that I believe to be really awesome about her. Being one of the few boys on her model team was such an eye opening experience...and not just because we got all the attention from the ladies. I got to experience the glam and the glitz of all the makeup and hair and finally found out why girls are so obsessed with this stuff, ITS SO FUN!"  - Zach

"Being a Studio Twelve Senior Spokesmodel had changed my life. Coming into this experience I had very little confidence in my body and my appearance, and was hesitant to apply because of this. This experience has given me so much more confidence in not only my appearance but also myself as a person; my personality and my interests and my passions. I have left this experience with 32 new brothers and sisters, some I have known since preschool, some I have reconnected with, and some that were strangers until February. This was without a doubt the best experience of my life and I am so honored to be able to say that I am a part of the coveted, Studio Twelve Senior Spokesmodel Team for the Class of 2017." - Alexa

Being apart of the Studio Twelve team has been an once in a lifetime experience. I've met so many great people, and on top of that my self confidence has grown. If anyone was to ask me a year ago if I would ever consider joining a program like this, I would have laughed and questioned if they even knew me. Sarah Lane has a way of showing a person their true beauty. In every picture from Sarah or conversation, she brings out the best in me. From the beginning, Sarah and the team have had such a positive affect on me. I will take great memories from this outstanding team I am lucky to be apart of. - Sage

So when my mom first said something  about trying out for Studio Twelve I honestly wasn't too interested because I thought it was all about being a "model". I attended the first introduction meeting with my mom just to see what it's about and it completely changed my veiw on what Studio Twelve actually is. It's more than just modeling and posing for a camera. You're out doing great things for your community and representing the good person you are. It brings you out of your comfort zone completely, but it's honestly so fun. I never would've thought I would do any type of modeling but this is such a fun experience and cool team to be a part of. You meet amazing people, hangout while taking the occasional picture, and there's always a lot of food which is rad. Being a part of the Studio Twelve team is an amazing experience.  - AJ

"Being apart of the 2017 Studio Twelve Model Team has been one for the books. I have not only made incredible friends but I have learned to appreciate my life, the people in it as well as feeling more confident in myself. Sarah Lane makes all things possible. I believe there isn't anything she can't do if she sets her mind to it. The hard work and dedication she puts into Studio Twelve is phenomenal. Studio Twelve has not just been about new adventures with outgoing people, but our team has also been lucky enough to be apart of some community based projects. Being able to help someone and watch them smile at the end of each day has to be one of the most cherished moments yet."  -Lauren

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